Who are we? What do we do? How did we get here?

Our Story

Continuing the legacy of Scottish battery manufacturing

Since 1941, Dundee has been home to battery manufacturing

. MEP Technologies is the product of 80 years of evolution in the industry and represents a human story of resilience, defiance, success and setbacks.

MEP Technologies was founded in 2016 when battery manufacturer Johnson Matthey, who had been based in Dundee for years, moved their premises down to Milton Keynes. Determined to carry on the battery manufacturing legacy in its ancestral home, MD Stuart Morrison decided to set up MEP Technologies, retaining much of the Dundonian engineering talent exactly where it all began.

Meet the Team

Stuart Morrison

Managing Director

Somewhat of a guru in the battery industry, Stuart Morrison knows all there is to know about electronic systems and current market trends. Stuart doesn’t know what ‘spare time’ is, but if he did, he’d spend it fixing cars and enjoying time with his family.

Andy Whyte

Senior Software Engineer

Andy is responsible for the development of our own BMS, and squirrels away at the back of the office, coding and drinking cups of tea until his heart’s content. In his spare time, Andy enjoys getting out in the hills, playing bass guitar, and cooking.

Ali Lowden

Senior Systems Engineer

Don’t let that smile deceive you – Ali is the grumpiest one in the office most days! But his ability to spot problems and patterns makes him an excellent systems engineer, and he’s always keen to share his wealth of knowledge with the team.

Dave Clark

Systems Engineer

Dave C joined us recently, bringing a wealth of battery systems knowledge with him. He’s quickly become a key part of the team, and always has a fun story to tell. Dave takes the office biscuit for Most Unusual Hobby: he breeds rare species of ornamental shrimp.

Jim McBride

Quality Engineer

Jim makes sure MEP’s systems run smoothly, spanning over both production and engineering. He loves a good spreadsheet and is always keen to improve practices where he can. Outside of work, Jim is an avid reader and can hold conversations on nearly any topic.

Dave Johnstone

Head of Production

Dave J does a bit of everything at MEP Technologies. He’s primarily in charge of production but co-ordinates the interface with engineering too. He’s the go-to for questions regarding the premises, and in his spare time is a connoisseur of internet culture.

Andrew Bannan

Systems Engineer

Andrew has a background in electronics, and has already taken charge of some high-profile projects at MEP. He’s always listening to music, but hates it when people stop him in the street and tell him he looks just like John Lennon.

Steven Brison

Mechanical Engineer

Steven is an enthusiastic and driven engineer, with a keen interest in the aerospace industry. At work, he’s generally very busy, but in his downtime enjoys indoor bouldering and is also a semi-professional archer.

Sean Roft

Mechanical Engineer

Sean’s prior experience of building packs has enabled him to gain a deep understanding of the interface between engineering and production. He currently keeps himself busy with training his new cocker-spaniel pup.


Production Associate

Clare loves her job building battery packs, and always has a fun anecdote or two about her weekend up her sleeve. When she’s not soldering in the workshop, she’s out walking her two doting spaniels.


Production Associate

Joan has been in the manufacturing industry for longer than she cares to remember! A dab hand with gluing and wiring, Joan’s always got a faster way to do something. In her spare time, she enjoys the company of her family.


Production Associate

We’re still trying to pin down Lynn for a photo but she’s surprisingly elusive. Lynn has a long history of working in production, and in her free time, likes to travel to hotter climates than her home city of Dundee!

Our Values, Vison and Mission


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