If you’ve got a specific battery requirement for anything from off-road vehicles to old Opals, we’d love to discuss design and manufacture with you.

Retrofitting ICEs to EVs

We are experienced in giving old cars new life via the power of batteries. Not only is it good for the environment to replace any ICE with a battery due to eliminating emissions, approximately 10 tonnes of carbon is saved by re-using existing chassis rather than manufacturing a brand new EV.

We work collaboratively with you, the client, and our close industry contacts in the automotive industry to ensure that your retrofit is perfectly balanced in terms of power and performance.

Our consultative approach for automotive applications means that each battery management system, cooling system and cell arrangement is tailored to your particular vehicular needs.

Our EV Batteries offer

  • Modular system for ease of integration
  • Leading class energy density
  • Option to include liquid cooling for demanding applications

We can also provide a consultation service, or make separate custom parts such as the BMS or module housing.

Prototype Automotive Batteries

There’s enormous power in prototyping.

At MEP, we’re always learning, and prototyping plays a key role in the development of new technologies and industry knowledge. We love a challenge, so if you’re looking for a battery technology company who can further develop and test your idea, then you’ve found the right people.

We offer

  • Fully comprehensive battery testing facilities
  • Design troubleshooting consultations
  • Accurate project development timelines

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