Decarbonising the Indian Transport Sector

MEP Technologies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bimetal Bearings Ltd, part of the Amalgamations Group, based in Chennai, India. This MoU marks the start of a growing relationship with the Indian manufacturing sector, with the long-term goal of decarbonising 2 & 3 wheel vehicles. Bimetal Bearings Ltd., (BBL) is a reputed technology provider, developer andContinue reading “Decarbonising the Indian Transport Sector”

Lightening the Co2 load on the road

MEP Technologies gets green light to develop new zero emission battery enclosure for road freight sector We’re excited to announce that we’ve been given the green light on a government funded collaborative project, focusing on new battery technology for HGVs. The project focuses on producing a lightweight, fire-safe battery enclosure for zero emission trucks, whichContinue reading “Lightening the Co2 load on the road”


MEP Technologies are helping refit standard black taxis as Electric Vehicles, using an innovative new battery system. Dundee engineering firm MEP Technologies is embarking on a collaborative project which will pave the first steps to retrofitting existing fossil fuelled black cabs as electric vehicles. The project, named ‘FlexiMod’, seeks to save costs in both carbonContinue reading “Taxi!”