Small packs

Our small packs power a wide variety of products. From drones and other unmanned surface vehicles, through to fire safety fans.

We can manufacture removable battery packs for any power, longevity, size and durability you require.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Batteries

Every drone needs batteries of varying requirements and sizes, to match their multitude of applications. If you’re looking for battery packs which are lightweight without compromising on power and durability, then you’ve found the right supplier. Talk to us about your drone requirements today.

Our UAV Batteries Offer

  • Lightweight high power packs using latest cell technology
  • Optimised payload and flight time

Unmanned Surface Vehicle Batteries

USVs are a growing market which require longevity and durability as key components of their battery system. We’re more than equipped to help your USV fulfil its potential, with high quality, reliable battery module systems built to last in harsh marine environments.

Our USV Batteries Offer

  • Support for rapid dockside charging
  • Durability for tough marine conditions
  • Support for continuous use or emergency use applications

Fire Safety Fan Batteries

A niche application we cater for is fire safety fans. We create removable battery packs which run powerful, portable turbines to remove smoke from buildings, improving safety and access for firefighters.

Our Fire-Safe Batteries Offer

  • Continuous use or emergency use
  • High power & high energy
  • Rugged casing designed for extreme environments

Portable charging devices

Lots of companies make portable battery pack chargers, but their build quality and reliability is often shoddy, and they break or become less effective within 6 months of use. But chargers made by MEP Technologies are highly durable and long-lived, providing portable power for cameras, lighting, communications equipment, wherever you happen to be.

Our Portable Packs Offer

  • Rapid charging
  • Rugged casing for extreme environments
  • Customisable power and weight parameters
  • Usability down to -40 degrees centigrade

Bespoke projects

Been sleuthing around but still can’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact us today for bespoke small pack requirements. There’s not much that’s too niche for us!

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